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Hello my Lovelies,

I will say that I have never been one to wear false eyelashes, unless it was Halloween. My experience in the past with a few attempts were utter failures. My ‘Lash from the Past’ were either way too heavy, uncomfortable, and/or they never lasted the entire day. Immediately one would be in the brink of falling off, which was always super annoying and very inconvenient.

However, this time around, I finally found a set of lashes that I definitely approve of. These Cruelty free, 100% high quality synthetic fiber lashes from Azeredo Cosmetics are amazing and the best part is I never had to trim them as the size was perfect. The other cool thing about these lashes is I never once felt I needed to carry the glue around with me for fear that I would need to reapply. I can’t be certain if the type of glue made all of the difference, but the lightweight of these lashes played a tremendous part to the staying power.

Not one lash is the same as the other as each gives a whole new personality to any look. Whether you want something subtle and natural, or a complete Diva/Hollywood glam look. These lashes are definitely eye-opening (no pun intended) and I received so many compliments!


I would recommend to purchase The Lash Collection so you can get more value for your buck and try these out. They can also be purchased individually. Azeredo Cosmetics also have silk lashes which I am interested on checking out. To add an even more sweet seal to this deal, I have listed a promo code for you all below, so you can try these lashes for yourself! The Lash Applicator makes the process super easy to apply and remove, so it’s perfect for those who aren’t a pro. Plus, this is probably by far the prettiest applicator I have ever seen!

Promo code: Erika10

Side note: I love supporting causes that mean a lot to me. What intrigued me even more to this brand is the fact that 5% of their profits go towards The Cancer Research Foundation. I like brands who partake in helping to make a difference.

View the photos (in order) and let me know which one is your favorite.

Disclaimer: lash descriptions have been pulled directly from Azeredo Cosmetics website.



The “So Me” lash has a natural winged effect. This design starts with a short pattern at the front and length at the end to give a wing effect. This lash is the perfect everyday lash that mimics your natural lashes while adding volume and length. These lashes are super lightweight and comfortable with it’s invisible lash band you can not go wrong!



The Irresistible lash has a natural dramatic effect. This design gives a lot of volume and drama. The medium length is evenly across the band giving a dramatic volume effect that is not too long or short in length. The perfect volume eyelash for a girls night out and the best part it’s on an invisible band!



The Legendary lash has a more dramatic wing effect. This design gives a full winged effect with drama. The short to long pattern that goes across the band gives a beautiful almond shape to the eye. The most comfortable eyelash with a flexible cotton thread lash band that is super durable.



The Doll lash has a natural doll like effect. This design gives more length at the center of the eye which opens up the eyes. The short pattern is at both ends of the lash and a longer pattern at the center. Another great everyday eyelash that is super lightweight and comfortable with it’s invisible lash band.



The Hollywood lash has a more dramatic doll like effect. This design gives a wispy effect with drama. The short, long pattern that goes across the band gives a dramatic effect. The most comfortable eyelash with a flexible cotton thread lash band that is super durable.




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