The Phantom Of The Opera

Most of us know all too well the story from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Just by seeing the iconic mask alone immediately triggers memories of a beautiful chandelier, a seductive voice behind the mirror, and a tortured man who falls in love with a woman through music. The only difference between this story and the story from Beauty & the Beast is the mere fact the Phantom remains as the Beast and doesn’t get the woman he loves in the end.

What is it about this story that compels us? Why is the main character depicted as a Villain in this tragic love story? Why do we find ourselves torn between viewing him as a dangerous man who murdered whenever his wishes weren’t respected whilst viewing him as a man who only wanted to be loved? Can we really blame him for his past of constantly being whipped and tortured due to him being viewed as a “monster?” He did in fact grow up without knowing what love actually was.

Doesn’t everyone deserve love regardless of their appearance? Could the Phantom have changed if Christine would have given him a chance? Was she really torn between two men? Did Christine have a special place in her heart for The Phantom? Or was his darkness too much for her to handle? If he wasn’t a Villain, would Christine have stayed with him? Can we argue he took advantage of Christine’s “Angel of Music” in order to try to control her?

There are so many questions to this story. At what moment do we draw the line and reach ‘The Point of No Return’? There are many answers in which we will never know, but if you ever do have the opportunity to view this amazing production, I highly encourage it.

As you sit in your seat…ask yourself, “Don’t we all wear a mask in some form?” “Don’t we hide something about ourselves?” Maybe we’re all waiting for something or someone to guide us out of the shadows and show us what we are missing, needing and longing. Maybe in a way we’re all a Phantom of our own destruction.

“Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear.
I am the mask you wear
It’s me they hear.”








Items Shown —-

Dress – Tibi V-Neck #TBIF-WD39

Wedges – BCBGeneration “Asya” Wedge Pump in Leather

Clutch – Vince Camuto “Julia”

Watch – Skagen

Earrings: Free Press – Bezel Set Glass Crystal Dust Chain Fringe Drop Earrings in “Hem/Gold”

Cuff –  Silverado Portland Jewelry

Sunglasses – Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana “DG4138”

Lipstick – Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in “Angel”

Eye Primer – M.A.C. Cosmetics “24 hr Extended Eye Base”

EyeShadow – M.A.C. Cosmetics Matte Eyeshadow “Grain” & “Sweet Heat”

Mascara – Arbonne “It’s a Long Story”

Eyeliner – Maybelline’s Kajal in “Midnight Brown”

Falsies Lashes – Azeredo Cosmetics “Doll” —- use promo code: Erika10

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