Tied Up In Knots

As the mornings and evenings are getting colder, I’m not only being reminded that Winter is Coming, but that also I’m not ready to give in completely on wearing pants. This outfit can still be rocked into the season by adding on a leather jacket and leather boots whether it be the bootie style or up to the knee.

This skirt always brings me back memories of Mexico, as this is where I had originally purchased and strutting my way through the streets looking for tacos. Keepin’ it real y’all. If you have followed me for a while, you will notice that when it comes to earrings, I usually keep them small and studded. But every now and then, hoops call out to me and brings a whole new flava to an outfit.

The top itself is definitely fun, girly, and a little flirtatious. The denim is super comfortable and loved how it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I really like unique pieces that I know I will have in my wardrobe for a long time.

What gives you that umph to take on and conquer the day?

Top – Banana Republic

Skirt – Zara

Watch – Michael Kors “Darci” Silver-Tone

Cuff – Saucy Jewelry via Silverado Portland

Rings – Queretaro, Mexico

Earrings – Queretaro, Mexico

Sunglasses – Versace “Silver Aviator”

Lipstick – Maybelline “Pink Possibilities” Color Whisper

Blush – FaceStockholm “Tonight”

Mascara – Arbonne “It’s a Long Story”

Eyeliner – Maybelline “Midnight Brown” Master Kajal


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