Loosen Up My Buttons

Yes, blue and stripes has been my thing lately. You like something,  then own it.  One thing is for sure, this top has a whole lot of buttons. The good news is I never have to undue any of them. =D Kudos!

This top has a combination of everything…buttons, stripes, a bow and it’s blue. Practically the whole cake + cherry. What I like about this is that is shows enough of the neck, but not too much to make it off the shoulder. Because of the style, I will say that a bun or ponytail is a must. If you wear your hair down, you will cover the uniqueness of this piece.

Classy, elegant, feminine, and also good for just a casual day. I’ve also been wearing this at work and yes, every now and then I get the “your shirt is on backwards” joke. Never fails.

Top – Banana Republic

Shorts – Ann Taylor

Earrings – Dior “Tribales”

Watch – Skagen “Anita Mother of Pearl” Leather

Cuff – Saucy Jewelry via Silverado Portland

Lipstick – Dior Couture Color Rouge 219 “Rose Montaigne”



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