Girly with a Kick

Hello my lovely readers!

I’m on a blogging mode again. Just trying to catch up from the whole month of July when it was super busy at work. So many outfits I want to share with you. Here is a favorite of mine which I’ve worn more than once. Just couldn’t get enough of it.

I sort of have the Angel and Devil in me…one moment I’m all about the leather and edgy feel. Then the next I’m really into the girly style, but with a casual twist. Any outfit where you can pair a set of sneakers is chic and comfortable in my book.

This loose fitting, off-the-shoulder top screams COMFORT! Love the blue shade on this and it’s a piece where you don’t need much. Just a watch, few bracelets and a pair of Adidas is all that is needed to pull this whole outfit together.

These clear, mirrored shades were the perfect accessory as I didn’t want to pull the attention away from the top. Simple earrings and a pair of black shorts tied the look even more. Kept the make-up super natural and simple looking. That’s usually my go-to for 80% – 90% of the time.

I was never the person to own any Adidas because they’ve always been super flat for me to wear and had found them uncomfortable. I’m so happy I was able to find a pair (both in blue and the white w/ black stripes) where the Cloud Memory Foam is included to add in extra support. They are absolutely comfortable and I’m trying super hard not to get these dirty. We all know that’s always a struggle with any pair of white shoes.

Can I just sleep in this top? Makes me feel like I’m wearing a cloud or a cotton candy.

Top: Bobeau via Nordstrom

Shoes: Adidas via Nordstrom Rack

Shorts: Banana Republic

Sunglasses: Versace

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Bracelets: Nordstrom Rack

Earrings: Silverado Portland


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