2017 Resolutions

You guys, Christmas is literally a few days away! Who else is excited? I know I am.

I will say, 2016 has been quite a roller-coaster kinda year. Has had it’s highs and lows. If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to say Goodbye to 2016, I feel ya. I honestly don’t blame you one bit as almost everyone I have spoken to have also had an unpleasant year.

The highlights of this year mostly had to do with places and people. Other than that, I would not mind if the other bits would permanently erase from my mind. But, the show must go on and hoping 2017 will be a good one.

I thought long and hard of what I would like for 2017 to be. Below is a list of my resolution/goals for the upcoming year. Simple, but meaningful to me. Please share with me your resolutions as I would love to know!

Much Love! =)

1) Travel – either to a new place or revisit a favorite. This also includes more hiking & camping.

CHECKED! – New York

2) Art – I’ve put aside one of my favorite hobbies/passions that I had enjoyed for years! I will be rusty now, but looking forward to it.

3) Guitar – I haven’t practiced in a while and would like to make room to do so. At least master a complete song.

4) Learn a new language – Italian is on my list and as some point would like to re-learn my 2 yrs worth of French that I lost because I had no one to practice with.

5) Try to maintain a healthier lifestyle – holiday season always kicks my butt because of all the food. But I’ve noticed a huge impact on my body when I consume healthier options. It boosts my health in a positive way and I feel happy.

CHECKED! – Been detoxing a little more and trying to eat less meat.

6) Gym – I’ve actually done pretty well this year, but again the holidays are always the worst! It’s not a matter of being a certain size or meeting a certain number. It’s about boosting circulation, getting my heart rate to pump at a normal level, get the oxygen flowing, move my legs as much as I can, etc.

CHECKED! – This year I’ve been the most active than ever before.

7) Blog – work on everything that surrounds this. It makes me happy to do something that I enjoy and love. I like knowing that I’m inspiring people in some way, even when I feel that I’m not. It has lead me to experience certain things (even meet people) that I never would have elsewhere and looking forward to exploring this more.

CHECKED! – This year I’ve written more blog posts than ever before.

8) Buy a camera – a professional one so I can get a better grasp on photography as it’s another area that I enjoy as well. I’m all about the creative aspect and side of things.

9) Make TIME for Friends & Family – there is nothing like friends and family. Every moment is precious and at times we get so caught up with our busy lifestyles that it becomes easy to say, “can’t talk right now, catch up later.” Next thing you know days, weeks, and months go by and you never did talk or catch up.

CHECKED! – Have had a wonderful time hanging out with friends/family, and even making new friends. This has been the year of meeting new people.

10) Create Downtime – I rarely ever have time for myself. A time for just ME. A time where I’m not working, blogging, doing errands, or doing things for other people. I’m constantly on the go go go from morning until it’s close to bedtime. I always seem to put everyone and everything else first and I need to learn to create that space for me to unwind. To either take a walk, go venture for a couple of hours, or even just meditate. But I need to create more ME time.

CHECKED! – This is what my Sunday’s have been for me.

11) Try something new – whatever this may be. This year, I got to experience a lot of “firsts”. Whether it was a food, a drink, a place, or even an activity.

CHECKED! – Explored new restaurants and even took on KickBoxing. Also, I witnessed an Eclipse for the first time in my life!

12) SECRET – I’m not ready to share this one yet. It’s something I’ve been having in the back of my mind and want to hold onto it until I’m ready.

CHECKED! – New Career =)



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