The Sum of All Parts

Now, I don’t know about the rest of the country, but Oregon has been having some major weather issues. We’ve gone to a bit of sunshine, to an intense snow storm, and now pouring rain. I look at photos of people in California wearing shorts and how excited they are for Spring…and then I look out my window and remember why I still have gloves on. All of a sudden the song, “Sweater Weather” comes into mind.

So, if you are nearing the Spring season and actually feeling it, congrats to you. For the rest of us out there, we have a lot of catching up, but doesn’t mean we still can’t look good…and at a low cost.

On Saturday, I decided to go out for a drive and found myself in the parking lot of Nordstrom Rack. Surprise, Surprise. As I walk in through the doors without a care in the world…I am immediately greeted with Red Balloons and major signs of “extra 25% off of all clearance items”. The first words that come out of my mouth are, “uh oh”. Oh yea, major Uh Oh.

I am a huge sucker for sales, deals, and bargains. Many people think that items on sale are the run-down pieces that no one wanted which is why they are on clearance. Sorry, but that I don’t believe. We all have different tastes and most of the time, it’s the “hidden treasures” that were surpassed or the store trying to make way for new season items. This does not make any item less appealing or wanted.

For some reason, I was drawn to a lot of dark colors; mostly because I was intrigued with the different patterns, fabrics and textures. I needed to get a bit of color in there and found delicate fabrics, beadings, sequins, and casual comfort. When you sum all of this up, including studs, fur and leather…my total purchase was no more than $100. That’s right, 11 items for $100 or less!!!! That even includes a little bit of Vince Camuto and Alberto Makali. I shopped till I dropped. If I ever plan to spend that much on shopping, I always think twice or a bunch of times because this girl has bills to pay…but there was no question here and imagine all of the unlimited outfits I will be able to create with each piece. Dress it up or dress it down. Now I say, that’s worth the investment.

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