2019 Resolutions

Another year is almost at an end. I know I mentioned that 2017 flew by in the blink of an eye, but 2018 felt like it came and it went. This year became one of the most busiest and even stressful year for me. I was productive in a lot of ways, spent majority of the year studying, and didn’t have much time for myself as I had wanted to.

The year brought some positives, but it was also brought tough moments from an emotional level. Quite unexpected really, but such as life and have to hold onto FAITH no matter what. I think 2019 will only get harder, but have to try and stay optimistic and hope that everything will be OK.

I am still very much blessed for the people who are in my life, the friendships that have formed, and even the people I’ve had to let go. The year held a lot of tests, challenges, triumphs, and failures. My patience was tested a lot as well as my peace of mind.

As I think about what I want to tackle and accomplish for the upcoming year, I also want to reflect back on my resolutions for 2018. I was able to knock a few out, but the majority were very tricky for me because 2018 was non-stop. Baby steps are better than nothing. CLICK HERE to view my 2018 Updates.

For 2019, there are a lot of things I want to accomplish, but I have to keep in mind and create a balance of placing myself first and be able to say NO to people. I can’t be there for everyone all of the time and I need to make sure my health becomes a priority. This can always be a tough one, but it has to be done in order to be able to enjoy the year as much as I can.

I would love to know what your resolutions are for the coming year. Let me know what items you were able to knock out during 2018.

Thanks for sticking around for another year and looking forward to many more to come!

~ Erika



1) Travel – either to a new place or revisit a favorite. This also includes more hiking & camping.

2) Read – It was a nice feeling to pick up a book and read again. Would like to do more of this for the coming year.

3) Think more Positively – I’ve been trying to practice gratitude as much as I can lately and I’ve noticed how much my mood has changed. I want to try to complain less and feel more gratitude.

4) Volunteer – I would like to be more involved within the community. Either run/walk a marathon or help in some form to get more hands on.

5) Try to maintain a healthier lifestyle – Eat less meat and make smarter choices. Sleep 6-8 hours so I am not so sleep deprived.

6) Gym – Continue my weekly workout & Kickboxing routine. Stick with my daily/weekly BBG Plan.

7) Website – Create more blog posts and possibly revamp my website.

8) Create more Youtube Videos – Try to tackle and produce 1 video a month. Beat the 5 video record.

9) Make TIME for Friends & Family – Continue to do so. Quality time with the people you care most is priceless.

10) Create Downtime – This is still very important to me and the one thing I will add onto my list every year. A time for just ME. A time where I’m not working, blogging, doing errands, or doing things for other people. I’m constantly on the go go go from morning until it’s close to bedtime.

11) Try something new – Whatever this may be. Whether it be a food, a drink, a place, or even an activity.

12) Visit Crater Lake – Born and raised in Oregon and I still have yet to see Crater Lake.

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