Travel to California: Los Angeles (West Hollywood)

If anyone knows me well, I am known to take tons of photos anytime I’m out traveling. It was so hard to narrow down these specific photos that I can only imagine how much of a nightmare it will be when I have to scroll through 1,000+ photos of my Italy trip. So, let’s focus on one trip at a time shall we.

I took a very brief, and I mean very brief, business trip to Los Angeles back in October. Mind you, I hadn’t been out to these parts in 6 years. Aside from layover flights, Los Angeles is a place I had tried to avoid during these 6 years, mostly for personal reasons. I was excited and nervous all at once as I had no idea what I was going to feel on an emotional level.

Luckily, I felt as if I was seeing everything for the very first time and through a different lens. Since my hotel room wasn’t available quite yet, I had a little time to venture out and grab the opportunity to eat some lunch along the way.


Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

This has been by far one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve had the pleasure to stay at. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed my “disastrous” insta-stories relating to this hotel and I had vowed not to give them any promotion, however, the view was incredible and if you’re going for pleasure then I’m sure your experience from the beginning would be very different from mine. The event in itself that I was attending took place at this hotel. Since there were many events happening in the city, it came to my ears from witnesses that Hugh Grant, Spike Lee, and Lady Gaga were staying at this hotel.

I’m all about the details and if I’m lucky enough to get my very own balcony with a view, then that makes my entire trip. Of course, I had to make a popular blogger move and ordered breakfast so I could snap a pic. The french toast was superb and this view showed me the most beautiful sunrise and sunset.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was one of the most popular sites I had wanted to re-visit. Unfortunately, almost the entire space was closed down due to the crew setting up for the Halloween red carpet premiere that was going to happen later that evening. Yes, red carpet premiere aka tons of celebrities were going to walk through this very same spot.

I definitely took tons of photos of the hand prints that I could see and the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Once again, I had a hard time locating Lucille Ball. She has always been difficult to locate, but if any of you know where this star is located, I would love to know! I will say from memory that Grace Kelly’s hand prints were the same size as mine. In regards to height, I’m the same height was the late Marilyn Monroe. So, clearly I was born a star…and I have my own star to prove it!


The Grove

If it wasn’t for a few favorite bloggers that I’ve been following for years, I never would have known about The Grove. This is probably the most beautiful outdoor mall I have ever seen! I literally wished this entire scenery would fly with me back to Oregon. I could imagine myself taking a relaxing stroll through here and sitting by the fountain.

For once I didn’t miss the cold or the mere fact that it was Fall at this point. Ideally, I love to experience all seasons as they should be. However, I just took this place in and didn’t care one bit.


Rodeo Dr.

If Julia Robert’s “Pretty Woman” was part of your childhood, then you know this was a bucket list waiting to happen. I literally had no idea what to expect, but I heard this was THE spot to hunt for celebrities. Alas, I saw no one famous that day, but I did see some very extravagant vehicles and only wondered who was the lucky person and if they were connected to anyone famous. Right above Tiffany’s is the perfect and popular spot to sip on drink and take a break from all the $ damage you may have caused.

I will say that I very much behaved myself. Temptation was all around me and I held my ground. I could also say that I only took a carry on with me, so when you outweigh the reality of how much one could really pack into a carry on…the possibilities become extremely low.


There is so much to see in Los Angeles and can say that West Hollywood is a must see, especially if you plan to visit for the first time. You can view the Hollywood sign behind the Dolby Theatre. If you’re a fashion aficionado, celebrity stalker, and/or someone who simply loves a beautiful sunset…then this place is for you.

Overall, though it was a business trip, I had a wonderful time at the event. I was able to network, establish connections and even create friendships. It was an unforgettable experience which contained a ton of insight and even laughter.

On the last day, after the agenda of the day was complete, a few of us decided to venture out for a bit before we all had to depart to the airport and go our separate ways. That’s the funny thing about trips and life in general, you really never know what or who you will come across. We can only hope for many more experiences, new memories to come and that somehow our paths will cross again.


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