Zara Checkered Tweed Blazer

The Holiday season is here and nothing screams Christmas than a beautiful, tweed blazer. By far one of my favorite purchases and a staple piece that I will have in my closet for many years and seasons to come. This Zara blazer is the epitome of warmth, class, chic, and edgy all at once.

I purchased this Blazer in Rome, Italy. A very well representation of the Italian flag: red, white, and green. Interestingly enough, this Blazer is also located at the Portland Zara, however, instead of green they opted for blue. I guess that would be a representation of our United States flag. Makes me wonder what other colorful versions Zara has created for each country.

I’ve worn this blazer with a simple top and leggings. This time around, I decided to add in a wide belt to level up the fashion just a tad. There is no way I’ll ever get lost in a crowd and received many compliments for my outfit.

The great thing about this blazer is it fits perfectly within the Holiday Season, but I think it’s a blazer that can really be used for any occasion. Dress up with boots, belt and leather gloves, or dress down with leggings and a pair of white sneakers. The possibilities are endless!

Let me know what’s your favorite holiday piece that you love to rock during this time of year.

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Items Featured —-

Blazer – Zara Checkered Tweed

Top – Abercrombie & Fitch

Jeans – American Eagle

Boots – Tory Burch Sofia Riding Boot “40343”

Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana “DG4138”

Backpack – Tory Burch “Mini Fleming”

Belt – Gucci wide leather belt with Double G

Gloves – Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Goatskin Leather Fingerless Gloves

Watch – Coach “Women’s Tatum Gray Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 34mm 14502597”

Earrings – Dior “Tribales” Silver/Gold

Silver Cuff – Silverado Portland by Saucy Jewelry “Gratitude”

Crystal Cuff – Swarovski Crystaldust Single Multi-Colored

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