At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

For as long as I can remember, trying to maintain a clean and white dental was and has always been a huge factor for me. I remember years ago while I was in school, I’d drink a ton of  soda (some of us still call it Pop) and ate tons of sugary treats. Luckily, cavities were never really an issue for me, but yellow or discolored teeth were. Most didn’t really notice much since I hardly smiled due to constantly being bullied…so I thought my smile was the last thing anyone wanted to see.

Over the years, I have tried whitening strips for a quick fix, but suffered the downfall of feeling my teeth super sensitive. After reading how whitening strips can end up doing damage to your enamel over time, I decided to give up on the idea and stick with whitening tooth pastes. Were my teeth clean? Absolutely. Were they whitened? Hardly.

As the years have gone by, especially within the last year or two, my teeth have become even more sensitive…mostly with cold products. There was a year or two where can say I drank coffee, mostly because everyone at work would go on endless trips to Starbucks in the morning and how was I able to pass up on an offer like that? After that, I decided to mostly stick with my favorite morning drink…tea. Along with this, I picked up an obsession and an enjoyment of drinking wine. White wines have mostly been my go-to during night outs and relaxing evening’s in. However, I know that tea has been a huge culprit whether it be hot or iced.

With Summer hitting at an all time high, I knew I needed to find a way to whiten my teeth. It’s the season to laugh and flirt the most. Who doesn’t want to smile when they’re surrounded by friends and great company? Luckily, Smile Brilliant reached out to me in the perfect time. It’s as if they heard my thoughts.

They had asked if I would like to test out their whitening kit and by golly, I jumped at the opportunity and said YES! I was desperate and felt that I needed to step up my whitening game. What would I lose? Before receiving my kit, I had to fill out a questionnaire detailing my dental history and any other whitening products I use. I was very impressed as it gave me an insight that their customer’s health are very important. I also mentioned that I had sensitive and Smile Brilliant mentioned they would send me the correct kit for that issue.

After accepting the invitation and submitting the questionnaires, it only took a few days until I received my kit. The feeling of knowing that my solution was sitting inside the very box in front of me was indescribable. I couldn’t wait to get started!

My kit included the following:

  • Top & Bottom Tray
  • 3 Catalyst Pastes
  • 3 Base Pastes
  • 4 Whitening Gels
  • 4 Desensitizing Gels
  • Consent Card
  • Return Envelope
  • Instruction Guides




The entire process of creating my impressions was super simple and easy to follow. Of course, I appreciated the mere fact that an extra Catalyst & Base were included within my kit as there is a high chance you will mess up on creating your first putty. Believe me, I most definitely did and immediately after I was able to successfully create my impressions.

Once I created my impressions and was pleased with how they turned out, I placed them inside the envelope along with my consent form and mailed them off. Smile Brilliant was wondering at sending me a notification that my impressions were received and a few days later I finally received my fitted trays.




The moment was finally here in which I’d be able to test out the product and view the process throughout a 2 week testing period. I will say, the best moment to wear the trays were in the evenings before bedtime. Throughout the duration, I’d be reading a book or watching Netflix in bed. The great thing about these is you can wear them anywhere from 45 min up to 3 hours.



The first time, I wore them for only 45 minutes. After that, I increased to no more than an hour. I will say, on the first few nights I had noticed white spots on my teeth. I tend to have a natural filling behind on of my main front teeth, but I had wondered about the other spots. I had asked Smile Brilliant and they stated that “the white streaks are decalcification – that de-mineralization of the teeth caused by whitening. As the gel carries stains out, it takes with it minerals and hydration. Over night, your saliva is re-mineralizing your teeth and making the streaks disappear. You can take a break from whitening for a few days and just use desensitizing gel. Just use 1/6 of syringe of gel in your trays for 20 minutes per day without rinsing the gel or eating for another 20 minutes (it is best to do this right before bed). It must mix with your saliva to activate a proper barrier. Do that for a few days and it should help the white streaks and prepare your teeth for whitening. They do disappear within a few hours, but the desensitizing gel will be the factor to help speed it up.”

I was on a mission to see the entire process through and through, but definitely appreciated the insight and advice. I was impressed with how helpful they were on answering any of my questions. I knew my teeth were being placed in the right trays. Ha! Ok, it was a bit lame, I know.

So, my nightly whitening routine became the following:

  1. Brush my teeth with just water to make them clean
  2. Add a thin layer of whitening gel on the upper and bottom tray
  3. Wear for 45 min to 3 hours depending on sensitivity (which was hardly any!)
  4. Remove trays and spit out any excess gel in my mouth
  5. Rinse and dry completely the mouth trays
  6. Brush teeth with my regular toothpaste
  7. Add a thin layer of desensitizing gel on the upper and bottom tray
  8. Wear for 20 min
  9. Remove trays and spit out any excess gel in my mouth
  10. Rinse and dry completely the mouth trays

I did this process for two weeks straight and I can say I am very pleased. I noticed a huge difference! I was so nervous that my teeth were going to feel extreme pain or sensitivity, but surprisingly, I hardly felt anything. Again, I only left them on for an hour. The wonderful thing is I still have 2 whitening gels and 2 desensitizing gels left over! One tube can last an entire week!





I am looking forward to using the remaining products and purchasing more. We are all trying so hard to keep up with the beauty trends and trying to find ways to slow down the aging process. I have always believed that the best accessory anyone can wear is a smile. Now, wearing that smile with confidence is a huge plus.

These trays are super fitting regardless of whether your teeth are straight or not. These trays are 70% less and up to 5x faster. The average U.S. dentist charges $500+ for the exact same service.

I want everyone to experience this amazing At Home Whitening which is why I have offering my readers/followers a chance to win a customized whitening kit! This $149 Value can be yours for free by entering the Giveaway link below:

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Feel free to submit me any questions or comments you may have. Would be glad to answer them. Goodluck!


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