Oregon Coast (Beach) Essentials

Hello my Lovelies,

Happy Friday! I’m still in a birthday mood and better believe that I will be celebrating in one form or another for the remainder of the month. This only makes sense, right?!

Now, our Oregon Coast is by no means anything close to the Florida Keys or Malibu Beach…however, I wanted to create a quick post of some of my favorite beach essentials that I make sure to have with me always whether I’m soaking in the sun or seeking a chill (literally) escape.


I like to keep my makeup super simple and natural looking. If the weather becomes hot, I definitely don’t want my face to melt off with so much makeup. The less, the better. Keep it lightweight, but don’t forget to apply an SPF sunscreen on your face before applying anything!


I love to wear delicate pieces whenever I make a trip out to the coast. Fun Fact: Oregonians never say, “I’m going to the Beach”. We say, “I’m going to the Coast”. When we think of a beach, we think of a hot, sunny beach and warm water. This is something not seen here in Oregon since the water is usually cold and the weather tends to be a bit chillier unless you go around the months of July/August where the temperature tends to rise.


I’m really all about the large/king size beach towels because it provides plenty of room to lay down and lay all of your stuff. Plus, it also provides extra room if you want to share your beach towel with a special someone. This beach bag is everything and I appreciate the 4 large pocket compartments located on the outside as well as the interior pockets to hold my keys, lip products, etc. The perfect size to also store a beach towel and everything else that you need.

Whether the weather is hot or chilly, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure you are protecting your body/face from the sun rays. Skin cancer is no joke and even if you absolutely see more clouds than the sun itself, you’re still exposed and in fact should be wearing SPF on a daily basis. Hawaiian tropic is my favorite brand (adore the scent) to protect my skin, provide a natural tan when needed, hydrate my skin, and provide soothing relief after laying outside all day.

I never like to take expensive sunglasses for fear that I might lose them or break them amongst the stuff that I carry with me. So, these simple shades are ideal, stylish, and even sturdy. I’m also a fan of mini backpacks as it’s easier to carry around if you want to explore the town for souvenirs.

Hope these items help you whether it’s for a weekend trip or a quick one-day trip. Let me know what are your favorite beach (or Coast) essentials. As always, thank you for reading.

Much Love,

~ Erika


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