2017 RECAP

Hello my Lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but anytime I’m needing to write a date down, I have to verbally tell myself to write “2018” and not “2017”. Does it also take you a while to get adjusted to a new year? I know we’re only a few days in, but I need some time LOL.

As I was writing down everything that occurred all throughout 2017, I came to realize that the (2) main themes for 2017 were Gratitude & Experiences. Whether it was trying out a new restaurant, attending events, travel, meeting new people, creating new memories, sharing moment’s with friends/family (new and old), reflecting more positive thinking, etc. This was the year I focused on my health the most and worked out more than ever before. This was also the year in which I started a “Suit” collection because my new career entails conservative attire.

2016 was an awful year for me in so many ways, and 2017 turned out to be the complete opposite. It became more of a positive outlook, BUT with of course its few downs. It’s never easy saying Goodbye to people whether it be friends or whatnot. There is a reason why you try your best to keep them in your life because it shows that they matter to you in one form or another. However, I was reminded that any kind of relationship is a two way street. Both have to participate in order to make anything last. If it ever becomes one sided, then there isn’t much of a chance.

I try to be hopeful about people (sometimes give more chances than deserved), but of course I can come out disappointed. Loyalty, honesty, trust, and respect were Huge key factors for me during the whole year. Each moment became a lesson and a reminder that there is no need to keep anyone who isn’t willing to bring any Value into my life. I had to distance myself from those who mattered to me as I realized that some people are just not worth the effort. It made me re-evaluate who I have around me.

I want to be surrounded by authentic and genuine people who I can see their presence lasting a lifetime. Everyone will always have their ups and downs (including myself), but I really tried to change my outlook (even if I had a terrible day) into something more positive and seek nothing but good energy. Valuable friendships.

We are all human and can make mistakes. Second chances aren’t always the easiest to grant, but sometimes it has to be done. However, 2017 showed me that I needed to be more selective because there is a difference between making mistakes and those who intentionally set out to hurt you. Those who are absolutely unapologetic have no interest in your well being. If it takes so much effort to have someone apologize, then that is the queue to move on without them. It takes a lot of strength and courage to admit mistakes and more to apologize for them. People who can do these two things are considered to be admired in my book.

Overall, I would say 90% of it was all a blessing and I feel so grateful to have had such a wonderful year. I’m hoping that 2018 will bless me as such, if not even more. Thank you so much for following me and looking forward to creating more content for you all. Let’s make this a great year!

Much Love,

~ Erika




  • The Secret – got introduced to this book through a blogger and it absolutely inspired me to change my outlook of things and bring in a little more positive thinking into my life. I discovered the “Law of Attraction” and even practiced it to test out the water which led to positive results. You really can achieve things you set your mind to.
  • Winter Wonderland – we were finally hit with a massive winter-storm and made my first Snowman in ages! Last time I made one I was still a kid.
  • Interview – Went through a long interview process and even drove all the way to Bellevue, WA to attend a private session with a Corporate Psychologist! Kudos to passing and reassuring me that I’m not insane.
  • Women’s March – marched along with thousands of others to support women’s rights and equality. have to support one another and it was great to see not only women, but also men, children, and families.


  • New Career – I got a new job at an investment firm. With this came with taking my photo professionally. It was nerve-wracking.
  • Swan Lake – For years I had wanted to see this ballet and finally made it happen.


  • Michael Bolton – attended his concert at Spirit Mountain Casino. One of the artists from my childhood and it was so much fun getting to see him LIVE! Total 90’s feels up in that house.


  • Wisdom Tooth Surgery – went in for my second surgery and removed wisdom tooth #3. It had to be done and there was no greater time to recover than during the weekend of Easter Sunday.
  • Sensitive Teeth – while I had my wisdom tooth surgery, I also had a few fillings which didn’t turn out great. It has been a struggle since and thus led to my teeth being super sensitive to anything cold. I haven’t been able to eat or drink certain things in a while. I’ve either had to warm them up or avoid them completely. After so many sessions to no positive results, I gave up trying. Might attempt to fix the situation again later when I’m ready to deal with it.


  • Birthday – I turned the big 30. It was not a number I was looking forward to, but I think I’ve been handling it pretty well than expected.
  • Multnomah Falls – hadn’t had breakfast at the lodge in years and finally made a trip to re-visit their delicious Huckleberry Pancakes.
  • Fidget Spinner – got introduced to one and made my first purchase. Haven’t used it as much as I thought I would.
  • MBA – looked into a few schools where I would like to pursue my MBA and finally found the school which I believe will be a good fit for me once I am ready.
  • Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – saw them both LIVE and it was an amazing show. I secretly have a crush on Tim McGraw and he looked even more delicious in person. LOL.
  • Kickboxing – signed up for the first time ever and have been enjoying it ever since. Girl Power!


  • Arbonne – got introduced to probably the best mascara ever made and a much healthier alternative. Made a new friend during the process.
  • Twilight – went on a last minute search to find the house featured in the film. Sure enough, I found the home of The Cullen’s. Absolutely beautiful!
  • Ilani Casino – check out the new casino at Ridgefield, WA. Small, but very nice. It was also the place where I ate my first ever Cannoli.
  • Modified Style Portland – attended this fashion show at the Crystal Ballroom in which I also made another new friend.
  • Lavender Festival – I have always been a fan of lavender and wished I could walk through fields of Lavender just like in photos I’ve seen from France. Finally made this happened and attended my first ever Lavender Festival. It was amazing and can’t wait to attend again!
  • The Five-Minute Journal – I’d been eyeing this journal for a while and finally made the decision to purchase one of my own. I’ve been loving it and nothing like waking up in the morning with positive thinking and an appreciation/gratitude towards the good things in my life.


  • Las Vegas – self explanatory and have enjoyed my visit every time! Also, have a new favorite breakfast spot and ate the tastiest blueberry french toast I’ve ever had in my life!
  • Gratitude Cuff – Thank you to Silverado Portland for gifting me this cuff. I’ve been wearing it ever since and never go anywhere without it. Gratitude is everything!
  • Newport, OR – took a trip to the coast. I hadn’t seen a lighthouse since I was a kid and took a photo of the very same one that my mom took a photo of with me when I was little.
  • FaceStockholm – got my photo featured on their instagram page.
  • Studied – did a lot of studying for 6 months in regards to an investment certificate.


  • Ponzi Vinyards – checked out a new location and fell in love with the breathtaking scenery. Being introduced to a new and delicious wine wasn’t too shabby either.
  • Hood River, OR – took a trip out there to hang out with my bestie.
  • Eclipse – saw my first ever eclipse! Such a memorable moment and I’m so happy I didn’t miss it.


  • Pearl District Art Festival – 2nd year I have gone and it’s so interesting to see such local talent.
  • Said Goodbye – hung out with a friend before she moved back to Spokane, WA. I miss her and hope to see her again soon!



  • Coldplay – saw them perform for the first time and I would say it was the best concert I have ever seen! So colorful and very audience interactive. It was a bummer that my wristband didn’t light up. However, I’m happy I got to see their Head Full of Dreams show.
  • MilkyChance – saw them LIVE for the 2nd time and it was still a great show as the first. I personally got to meet them after the show and got their autographs. I also took a photo with their opening act: Gene Evaro Jr.
  • Halloween Party – I finally decided to dress up like the Black Swan. Halloween Karaoke was so much fun!


  • New York – finally got to see one of the destinations I’ve had in my bucket list for a while. I also had my very first NY bagel! It was amazing and can’t wait to go there again.


  • Poshmark Anniversary – attended a birthday anniversary and met other fellow bloggers while creating new friendships. It was also the night I attended a LIVE show, took a trip to Church (bar location…at first I thought who on earth goes to church in the middle of the night! LOL), got dumped by Uber, tripped on the street, scraped my hand and scratched my phone.
  • Holiday Party – attended my first company Holiday party and saw a Christmas Carol at the Brunish Theatre.
  • Blogger Holiday Brunch – had brunch with a few other bloggers/friends and exchanged gifts.
  • Festival of Lights – a favorite holiday tradition at The Grotto.
  • Jusuf Nurkic – met and took a photo with one of the TrailBlazer players. My 5’5.5″ self was nothing compared to his 6’11” stature.
  • NYE Contest Winner – won VIP tickets to a NYE party bash in Portland! But alas, couldn’t attend due to a last minute trip. Maybe this year I’ll win again.
  • San Francisco – took a short trip to a place I hadn’t been to since I was a kid. There wasn’t enough time to see bridge, maybe next time. It was good to meet up with family and see faces I hadn’t seen in a while. Made it back in time to celebrate at midnight and welcome the New Year!

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