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Hello my Lovelies,

Here with another blog post, but this time a little something to satisfy your food cravings. This only makes sense after feasting for 3 months during the Holiday Season. So, let me share with you a little story about LeChon.

A few months back, I went with my mom and friend’s to LeChon. I had been there before and I thought their food was very interesting and unique. Super flavorable and I knew this would be a perfect spot to munch and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather we were having that day.

What is LeChon? Lechón is a pork dish that is served in several regions of the world, most specifically Spain. In other words, it’s a Spanish word referring to a roasted suckling pig. LeChon describe themselves as “a South American dining experience that seamlessly combines the fiery cooking of Argentina, Chile and Patagonia, along with creative inspiration of the chef.”

Now, back to the story. So, during our visit that day, we had a very bad service experience with our waiter/server. We had felt very pressured and uncomfortable. We knew we had X amount of time at our table before we would have to leave for the next reservation, but to constantly be reminded of it every 10 minutes made it frustrating. What made the situation even worse is I had recommended this location to my family/friends and for being their first time it, I felt bad. For the record, I do want to say that out of the times I had been there, I knew this waiter was in no reflection of the overall quality of the restaurant. Otherwise, I never would have gone back or recommended to take anyone there. I guess he just ended up having an off day.

Shortly after, I spoke with the manager (Alex) and explained to him the situation that had occurred. He was very understanding and apologized for the terrible experience we had faced. I did let him know that I knew perfectly well that this server was in no way an overall representation of their restaurant as I know their service has always been on point. To my surprise, he reimbursed us what we had paid for in the form of a gift certificate and invited us back to the restaurant.

This last experience was absolutely the best! Our server (Laurie/Lauren), I’m terrible with names, was absolutely amazing. Alex was there as well and greeted us. I’m so happy at the way everything was handled and how understanding they were to our previous experience. The food was superb as always! Special Thanks to them and especially Alex, for making our experience super special. Looking forward to the next time!

If you’re looking for an out of this world experience with flavors of South American cuisine, then this is the place to be. I do recommend to order a few different dishes so everyone can share and taste different flavors. You must start out with their delicious salad that I’ve noted down below. It’s so yummy to the point that I’ve been re-creating the salad at home which has been a hit.

Much Love,

~ Erika


Not Featured:

  • farmers green salad, champagne vinaigrette, cranberries, radishes, whipped goat cheese, spiced pine nuts
  • pork empanadas, golden raisins, olives, mozzarella, ancho aioli


Appetizer: avocado and smoked trout toast, whole grain bread, espelette


Appetizer: duck wings, aji honey glaze



Main Course: peruvian roasted chicken, corn, sweet potatoes, salsa criolla, cilantro, lime


Main Course: chimichurri burger, provolone, ancho aioli*


Side: patatas bravas, garlic mayo, paprika tomato sauce, chives, smoked salt


Dessert: suspiro de limena, alfajores


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