Clackamas County Lavender Festival

For many years I have always been a fan of Lavender. Not only from the color itself, but my obsession began with soaps and lotions. From then, my interest took off even more when I got introduced with Lavender ice cream and Lavender lemonade. It’s such a calming flower and the scent relaxes my mind.

For a long time I had wanted to attend a Lavender festival. I had never gone and would always look at the lavender fields in France. I always thought it would be heavenly to walk through the fields and thought the countryside of France would be the only place to experience this.

Fortunately, the fields were a lot closer to me than I had thought. Over the years, Oregon has taken such a boom with our wine and wineries that we knocked California down to 2nd place. Now, it seems that we are taking over the lavender industry. Oregon is a very green state in which there is not only a lot of natural beauty in every corner, but it’s a very health conscious state. There are a lot of businesses selling natural/organic products and the last few years I’ve been noticing a lot more vegeterian/vegan/gluten-free friendly restaurants. I’m a meat lover for life, but it’s still nice to see the menu options, and I know a lot of my friends are happy about this.

I was super excited to attend my first lavender festival. I didn’t know what to expect, except for lots of lavender, of course! But the experience exceeded my expectations to the point that I was able to walk through the fields of lavender and even cut my own bundles! There was even a workshop station set in the center where you would be taught how to make a wreath out of lavender!

It was a really hot day, but that didn’t stop from so many people to attend. There are a lot of local vendors selling skincare, candles, and other products relating to lavender. There was music, food, and a long line of people waiting to order some lavender lemonade (absolutely delicious) and lavender ice cream!

Better believe I will be attending again next year. The good thing is that I don’t have to wait that long to attend another lavender festival. Will keep you posted on this. For the time being, hope you enjoy the photos and check off from you bucket list of walking through a never ending field of lavender.

Much Love,

~ Erika

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