50 Shades of Blue

I know I had mentioned this on my instagram page, but I do have a feeling that suits will be my thing for 2017. Often times, when we think of suits, we think of it as something boring, too serious, and very conservative.

However, I have found that there are many ways you can really style a suit to make it not only stylish, but still professional for an office setting. Don’t be afraid to “swag” it up because you will really find how versatile a suit may be. With the right top and accessories, you will go from ‘boring professional’ to ‘classy professional’.

The great thing about suits, is that you can still pair them up after work hours. Take the blazer itself, pair it with a simple shirt, distressed jeans, and converse. Boom! You’re good to go. From office to hang out time, suits will open a door to a whole new world.

Don’t be afraid to venture out and make the suit fit your own style!

Recommendation: aside from the safety net of black…try a blue blazer/suit. The shade of this color will change throughout the day depending on lighting (natural, indoor, night).



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