Spirit of Giving

For this blog, I thought I’d steer away from the usual Beauty & Fashion, and get into the Needy Greedy. Christmas is upon us and there is just something about this Holiday that gives us a warm and cozy feeling within our soul. Christmas trees decorated with twinkling lights, bows and wrapping paper of all patterns waiting to be used; the smell and taste of hot chocolate between your lips, as well as the warmth of scarves, mittens, and coats. This is what we see everyday and what we anticipate the most.

Of course, over the course of time we have noticed what the true meaning of Christmas actually is and why it was celebrated to begin with. The Day Christ was born has turned into a shopping frenzy of people pushing and shoving to get the best deals in gifts for their family. One gift has also changed into competing who can purchase the most and of the highest quality. Lets be honest, how many people out there actually remember that Christmas is the day of Baby Jesus and not about the number of gifts under the tree? I know I’ve been there many times before.

Yes, there is also the story of Santa Clause who comes down your chimney to deliver gifts. Am I a firm believer that ole’ St. Nick exists? Yes, I do. As they say, “sometimes you don’t have to see in order to believe”. You have the right to believe in whatever you want and if you are lucky enough to live proof, then that is rare and amazing. I do recall many times when I was a kid and not having certain privileges that everyone else would. Gifts were minimal because money was short (we could barely afford a tree that was $15 at the time), but I will never forget those Christmas mornings of walking down the stairs and seeing so many gifts around. We had no one to help or support us in any way. So, it’s not like we were surrounded by people who could lend us a hand through difficult times…not from friends and not from family. The look on my Mother’s face and the tears streaming down of seeing everything that only she knew what she needed, only what I knew what I had wished for, and so much more underneath the tree is the most unforgettable moment. A few Christmases after that I recall seeing the cookie I left for him gone, the milk emptied from the glass, the sound of a small bell, the gifts marked as “From Santa”, and an angel with wings made out of straw attached on one of the packages. I still have the angel to this day. Hand delivering the letter myself to the post office was the only hope I had each Christmas year. You don’t need to believe my stories, but again, there is no shame for you to believe in something, even if the rest of the world doesn’t. Sometimes, there may come moments in your life where Belief, Faith, and Hope are the only things you have.

So, as we look around at the people who are still by our side, and of all the gifts tucked under the tree waiting to be opened…lets not forget to be thankful. Also, lets not forget to give back to those in need. This season, I purchased some goodies for someone in need, and also for babies as well. The other night I gave some food to a homeless person on the street. This is something that can always be done, so instead of throwing away what you cannot finish, just give it to someone instead. Nothing more gratifying than to know you helped someone have some warm food for the day.

And, if you want to extend this for the whole year, then I invite you to do this as well. There should be no start or end time to help someone out there. Remember that everyone we meet has their own battles, and may never know how things are really like behind closed doors. So, be kind to those you come across as their lips might not say much, but their eyes could have an endless amount of stories to tell…you just have to pay attention.

Happy Holidays! =D

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