The Mind Is A Powerful Thing

Hello My Lovelies,

I was really wanting to write a post today, but wasn’t sure exactly what. So, I thought I could start out on something that I let fall through the cracks these past few weeks and how I had to take a step back and truly analyze the situation in order to turn things back around.

Early last year, one of my favorite bloggers shared a book that she recently read and how it had changed an aspect of her life which to this day she truly tries to practice it on a daily basis. I was absolutely inspired and decided to check out the book for myself and came out of it even more inspired than ever before. The book was, “The Secret”. It basically talked about the Law of Attraction and how the mind is a powerful thing…if you set your mind on something, believe that it will happen, then it surely will. Now I thought, I’ve heard so many motivational pieces in my life and how you must always think positive in every situation. However, lets be real as we know life isn’t always peachy perfect.

After reading the book, I began to test out the Law of Attraction. I’d practice and use it towards things that I really needed in my life at the moment. To my surprise, it worked. I’d focus on something so much, I’d imagine myself having it, I’d believe I already had it…and then I did. Ever since, I decided to really incorporate a lot of positive thinking into my life all throughout 2017…more than what I usually would. Of course, I had my moments of despair and tears, but overall I really tried my best.

Throughout the course of the time, I tried to complain less because I thought there was no point to incorporate so much energy into something that either 1) was temporary and wouldn’t last, or 2) wasn’t worth my time at all. I began to tell myself there are worse things in life and even asked myself, did the situation in front of me really deserve my negative thinking and energy?

As I practiced, I also observed and realized that all of the new friendships, good people who crossed my path, and the wonderful things that occurred came about during my most happiest moments. I truly do believe that what you put out there is exactly what you’re going to attract. Now, lets speed up to present time.

With this, I also purchased the 5-Minute Journal which has helped me to wake up with positive thinking and end the day with positive thinking.  This journal is great to really look at your life around you, to count your blessings, and note down the positive things that came about throughout your day…even if overall your day was terrible. Clearly, I haven’t written anything these past few weeks. That’s how bad I was feeling that I refused to write in my journal.

These last few weeks I totally dropped the ball. Now, I remembered the bloggers video when she was discussing the book and she had mentioned that everything is a choice. If you want to be sad, then you will. If you want to be happy, then you will. If at any moment she would feel frustrated, then she would stop herself and ask exactly what it was that was frustrating her the most and determined whether it was something that she could be able to control and turn her mood around, or whether it had to do with outside forces in which she couldn’t control at all…such as a delayed flight or her makeup spilling in her bag (which is something she could have avoided by never placing it there to begin with).

These last few weeks I was carrying so much negativity due to a certain situation. I found myself getting so angry and noticed it would bring out the worst in me. My emotions and mood were taking on a constant roller coaster. It came to the point where I had a enough and knew that something had to change completely. I sat down and made myself analyze the situation. I forced myself to answer the question of what exactly was bringing out my frustration and whether it was something I could get rid of. I came out with the conclusion that yes, it was something I could control. But how? Well, I came up with two solutions: 1) forget about it and walk away; or 2) avoid the actual thing that was really ticking me off.

I looked at the pros and cons of each solution. What would I gain and what would I lose? What were the risks of each one and how happy would I be with choosing one over the other? After much thought, I came to realize that option 1 was the easy way out. I’d lose the opportunity to possibly be happy and discover something good that could possibly be waiting for me. In regards to option 2, it would merely have to do with self discipline, it wasn’t going to be easy, but it would be the only way to truly discover more. To explore things that I was curious about.

I went with option two and since then my mood has changed completely to feeling settled and at peace. I’ve been more positive and have been feeling happier as I was before. This feeling of positivity not only changes my life, but I know it also affects those around me. I want to constantly bring the best of myself and want to enjoy life at its fullest. The more positive I am, the more good things life will bring my way.

If you ever feel that you’ve hit a wall of some sort, really sit down and analyze the situation. Look at every detail of it and see if it’s something you have control over. If so, give yourself solutions and determine which is the best one to choose. Is the situation really something to complain about? Is it really something that will require all of your energy and possibly make you feel crummy at the end of the day instead of being at your best? Being positive everyday takes a lot of work, but also a lot of courage. Courage to really determine what is worth your energy and to be able to move forward with the good through all of the bad.

I hope this post inspires you in some way that we are in control of our thoughts, of our happiness, and that if you truly believe in something…you will achieve it. You will feel it, you will see it, and you will have it. Don’t be perfect, just be yourself. Hold on to that positivity so that you can be happy and inspire others along the way. We are in charge of our own happiness. What will you choose?

Much Love,

~ Erika



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