2018 Resolutions

I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over. This year absolutely flew by in a blink of an eye! I will say, this year was such a Huge improvement in comparison to last year and I absolutely feel so grateful for everything in my life right now. I’m very blessed that it turned out to be a positive year.

As I think about things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year, I also reflect back on my resolutions for 2017 and feel very pleased that I was able to knock at least a little over a half. That’s still very huge accomplishment for me and I’m so happy! Click Here to view my 2017 Updates.

Now, for 2018 there is so much I would like to accomplish. Also, if you’re creating your own list of resolutions, know there is no shame to add in some repeats onto your list. If they inspire/motivate and challenge you, then add them in!

I would love to know what your resolutions are for the coming year. Also, let me know what items you were able to check off from your 2017 list!


~ Erika


1) Travel – either to a new place or revisit a favorite. This also includes more hiking & camping.

(CHECKED! – Visited Chicago, IL and Bend, OR for the first time. I revisited Italy and West Hollywood, CA.(

2) Read – It was a nice feeling to pick up a book and read again. Would like to do more of this for the coming year.

(CHECKED! – I completed 1 book LOL. I’m currently halfway through another.)

3) Think more Positively – I’ve been trying to practice gratitude as much as I can lately and I’ve noticed how much my mood has changed. I want to try to complain less and feel more gratitude.

(It was a tough one as my patience was tested so many times and tricky when negativity is constantly floating around me.)

4) Practice Law of Attraction – I read the book, “The Secret” and it was absolutely inspiring. I even took a shot at it and it worked! I want to continue to explore this in other factors of my life. I really do believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

(I didn’t concentrate on anything as my mind was too focused on other aspects.)

5) Try to maintain a healthier lifestyle – Eat less meat.

(I did eat less meat, but overall my choice in food wasn’t the greatest.)

6) Gym – Continue my weekly Gym & Kickboxing routine.

(CHECKED! – I’ve had my ups and downs depending how busy I’d get. But I really tried my hardest.)

7) Blog – This has led me to meet new people and create new friendships. It makes me happy to do something that I enjoy and love. I like knowing that I’m inspiring people in some way, even when I feel that I’m not. It has lead me to experience certain things (even meet people) that I never would have elsewhere.

(CHECKED! – I wrote a lot more this year than ever before.)

8) Create more Youtube Videos – due to my new career change, I’ve had no chance to produce any videos. I want to be realistic and start with at least producing 1 video a month. This would be a good start and try to increase from there. Better something than nothing.

(I didn’t get to produce 1 video a month, but I did produce a total of 5 videos which is a record!)

9) Make TIME for Friends & Family – Continue to do so. Quality time with the people you care most is priceless.

(CHECKED! – More than I had anticipated which didn’t create much downtime for myself.)

10) Create Downtime – This is still very important to me and the one thing I will add onto my list every year. A time for just ME. A time where I’m not working, blogging, doing errands, or doing things for other people. I’m constantly on the go go go from morning until it’s close to bedtime.

(This was a tough one as I was constantly always doing something.)

11) Try something new – Whatever this may be. Whether it be a food, a drink, a place, or even an activity.

(CHECKED! – I went on a Hot Air Balloon ride, ate deep dish pizza for the first time, as well as Puerto Rican food.)

12) Catch a Beautiful Sunrise – When it doesn’t involve having to wake up early for work, I would like to purposely wake up early one day (or two, or more) so I can take a stroll and see the sunrise. Then go back to sleep after LOL. Let’s be real.

(I didn’t force myself to wake up for one. Any sunrise I’d see was mostly because I was heading to work LOL.)

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