My YouTube Channel!

So, I meant to write this earlier, however, the last few weeks have been absolutely insane. I keep forgetting how much I love to write and feel I could do this for hours!

The holidays are officially over and we are now in 2016. January has been a bit of a bump and it seems the year is already wanting to challenge me, but I’m ready to tackle it straight on. I’m hoping for a smoother ride after this and really enjoy 2016.

If you follow me on Instagram or are subscribed to my Facebook page, then you probably know by now that I have my own Youtube channel. It’s something I had wanted to do since 2011 (I even recorded some videos which I still have on a USB, but never posted). I was going to wait later in the year, once I would get a little more situated (equipment wise), but I figured there was no point to wait any longer.

I made my first video a little personal, but I’m ready to bring on the good stuff after that. I’m completely relying on my laptop to do all of the recording, but, I definitely want to research around for a nice quality camera to record all of my videos. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Would make the process a little easier to narrow it down to the most popular ones.

This is only the beginning and I know I have a long way to catch up. However, I’m looking forward to teaching myself about filming and editing videos. It’s an area I’ve always wanted to learn. It’s definitely going to be a little challenging, but looking forward to see what difference there will be after a year.

I’m linking my first video on here so you guys can check it out. Let me know what else you would like to see as I am a blank page and opened to ideas. What I would love to incorporate on this channel is any DIYs, recipes, vlogs, reviews, and fashion.

Wish me luck on this new venture of mine!


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