Comparing to Others

So, there is so much catching up to do and what took up the majority of my time the last few months. I moved, same state, just different home which took months and months of my time. My family came to visit during that difficult transition, and work increased 5x as much. Oh, I did go to New Orleans, it was my birthday, and had my first photoshoot ever with Marie Claire! =D Those that follow me on Instagram and my Facebook page have seen the photos. Be sure to check them out there. I also went on vacation for half the month of September and just did a lot of discovering and re-connecting.

I could easily take any one of these events and write an entry about it…but honestly, one word has come up in my mind today: Comparing. In today’s hi tech world, social media is off the roof. More and more we are finding everyone taking on the internet to showcase their work and profession. It’s become such a competitive world out there that at times it’s hard not to fall into the trap of comparing oneself to those that we see.

I know I have fallen into this many times in which I’d open up a magazine, view photos of one of my favorite bloggers on Instagram, and listen to musicians online who are super talented to only be left wondering what I’m lacking. It’s hard not to look at yourself and wonder why your life doesn’t match up to theirs…or even why your outfit doesn’t seem as smashing as the wannabe Vogue model posting photos every day. It’s a normal feeling, and honestly, it’s OK. Don’t stress about it and don’t let it bring you down.

Achieving success is constantly in our mind and striving to become someone is our daily goal. At the end of the day, you need to realize that you are literally holding your own success in the palm of your hands by just being YOU. Being different and unique is what makes you memorable…a copy won’t be remembered if it’s constantly being duplicated. There are many people around the world with different ideas, passions, tastes, and interests. No matter what it is that you do, people will admire your work and the person that you are. Try not to compare yourself to others, because the moment that you do, you’ll be stuck and will find no reason to continue chasing after your dreams. Think of it this way, Monet could never be Picasso and Picasso could never be Monet. Does this make either of their work terrible? No, because they were both successful in their own, unique way. Different styles, but people still appreciated their work.

You are no different. Carry on as you are and learn to accept the person that you portray and the work that you demonstrate. There is ONE life and only ONE of you. That right there, is pretty cool. Why have it any other way?

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