I’m Off To Barcelona!

No, not really. But I have been there and let me tell you, if I had the opportunity to go back…I would go in a Heart Beat. Barcelona has been the most unique and strangest place I have ever visited. I mean this in a good way, of course! When I think of legit Paella and the biggest Sangria I have ever had…my mouth begins to water.

The architecture on some of their buildings are completely out of this world…literally. Or at least, this is what I would like to think because who would have the imagination to create such, such…color. There are no words to describe. You must see for yourself.

barcelona arq 2 barcelona arq 1

So, my inspiration for this outfit lies within the streets of Catalonia, The Roman Catholic Church (La Sagrada Familia) and the Gaudi buildings. I was inspired of blues, browns, creams, whites, golds, and grays. My focus was to jump out of my comfort zone and mix different elements together. I accomplished this through my accessories and it only took one item to spark this idea and tie it all together…this comfortable cardigan sweater.

barcelona 6       barcelona 4        barcelona 10

Since I was in a “Spanish” mood, I chose to include this beautiful scarf that I purchased in Barcelona. Through out the day, I wore the outfit with the scarf and without. It’s actually really huge when you extend it and I had used it as a blanket when I took a nap on the plane. What drew me to this scarf were the four tassels because it adds character. I had so much fun wearing this outfit because I finally had a reason to wear these jewelry pieces…and all at once! High Five! It’s all about Mixing!

barcelona 7     

barcelona 5                        barcelona 3                       barcelona 9 barcelona 2                                                               barcelona 1

I challenge you to be inspired by places that you have seen. Choose a location, a building, a monument, or whatever and make something out of it. Look at the details that draw you in and be creative. If you can’t physically be there, you might as well wear it.

barcelona 8

  • Cardigan Sweater: Nordstrom
  • Gray Long Sleeved Shirt: Gilligan & Omalley
  • Distressed Jeggings: American Eagle
  • Boots: Sonoma
  • Scarf: Aita
  • Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors (“Bedford Gusset”)
  • Flower Necklace: Forever21
  • Multi-Strand Necklace: Lauren Conrad
  • Leaf Earrings: Lauren Conrad
  • Gold Bangles: Nordstrom
  • Blue Bangle: Garage Sale
  • Beaded Bracelet: Handmade in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico
  • Beaded Ring: Handmade in Tequisquiapan (Tequis), Mexico
  • Silver Pendent Bracelet: Handmade in Mexico
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal (“Saucy Mauve”)

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